Tools for Retirement 103 by Nick Fog

Tools for Retirement 103: Stowing Your Personal Baggage Along with a sense of purpose our careers gave, generally we focused on tasks. We were engaged in work and rewarded for that, even if it was only the pay. We enter retirement with the notion of enjoying ourselves, and may not be aware of past events […]

Tools for Retirement 102 by Nick Fog

Retirement 102: What If? Everyone’s retirement experience is different. But we have this in common….we spent time being institutionalised for a place in the workforce.  It seems when you retire, it’s time to rethink life.  What if we were our own best friend… and took the time (and permission) to create ‘what we want’. Lawrence, […]

Tools for Retirement 101 by Nick Fog

Retirement… notwithstanding all of the wry humor, it’s really no joke for a lot of us. For a considerable number of us, it’s like having the rug pulled out from under us. Work… You loved it and/or hated it, and you can do both at the same time. And it gave us a sense of […]